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I think we talked about this last year.  Is there anything special about 11-11-11 or 12-12-12?

Only as special as you want to make it be.

The thing is, you are the ones bringing meaning to this day – or any day.

You like to have a reason to celebrate life rather than just celebrating – each day, each moment, each life.

You open yourselves up so you can see more and feel more than other days.

And if that works for you – fine.  But you do not have to make up the stories to explain.

What about when there’s shifts in energy and such?

They are happening all the time.  Not just on a specific day here and there.

LOL – I see a picture of a bus.

Yes – that is an analogy I sent to you.

Your buses are coming all the time.  If you miss this bus then you still have the next one to catch.

Celebrate Today

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Only you like to make it so there is only one bus this week or year or decade.

That is the only one you let yourself see.

What happens if it’s the last bus on the schedule tonight?

There will be more bus service tomorrow.

And you can also look at taking different routes.

Step outside your box.  Allow yourself something greater to see.

You may not have felt anything on this 11-11-11 or you may have made yourself feel something that wasn’t there.

You like your rituals to be part of something greater than yourselves – and I tell you again – you already are.

Just let yourself be a part rather than trying to make it happen.

Celebrate today for the new beginning it is.

Wait no more.

Celebrate you being here to experience this all, knowing you are playing the grand game of life.

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