Nov 132011


Let’s go back to space.

There is nothing to go back to.  You already are.

Space, that is.

Look in between and you will find yourself there.

Think about this and blow your mind.  That will create more space too for greater thoughts to behold.

Think of your thoughts as edges and go in between your thoughts.  See what is there.

Let what is unknown become known once again.

Your thoughts are so close together you give yourself no room to expand, to grow.

Your freedom is in between.

Blow Your Mind

Modified original Fireworks explosion from
Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply

You like to push boundaries and limits.

So too shall you do this with your thoughts when you are ready to go far beyond where you are now.

You only have to go here, into this moment in the space in between.

Then you shall see you are already free. You shall see you for the first time as something beyond too.

Leave your body behind as it will only serve to slow you down.

Do not worry.  You will not die.

Your physicalness here will wait for your return just as you have been waiting for you.

You won’t even know you left – because you haven’t.

You have simply slipped into the space in between.

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