Nov 122011


Capable of great feats of being – that is a great line.

And it is true.

Share the other phrase you have come across this past week.

Risk living your significance.

Yes – that is one risk well worth taking. 

There is so much waiting for you if only you would let go of your notions of who you are and simply be who you are.

Don’t I have to know in order to be?

There you go again – putting restrictions and conditions on what must occur before you can start being yourself.

Try being first and see what happens.

You might just find that your doing has held you back all this time.

Potential in waiting

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You have been within your reach forever.  You are potential in waiting.

Being yourself is what turns possibility into actuality for they are both merely expressions of who you are and who you can be.

Whatever you like – but again you must decide who you are.  What you are bringing out of the all into being.

You cannot help yourself.

You are being now even when you believe you are not.

You are deciding even when you think you don’t.

You are living life even when you feel you are at your most boring.

You are capable of great feats of being when you risk being your significance.  All you are up to now is holding that you back.

This is not a who you must find.

You are right here.

Waiting to be unleashed.

You are ready.  You have seen you.

What are you waiting for?

  One Response to “Risking Great Feats”

  1. This gives me courage. I’ve been waffling about a situation that I didn’t feel equipped to take on. After I read this post, I went ahead and indicated that I am willing (and no longer waiting!).


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