Nov 082011


LOL – I hear “Space, the final frontier” in the voice of James T Kirk – loud and clear as a bell.

More than you know.

Space as you see it now is not the final frontier but certainly one worth exploring.

As is your inner space.

Which again is not final because there is much more here than you believe you know.

And once you realize there is no inner and outer space but only one space – now we’re getting somewhere.

The world as you know it changes, as does everything.

Your world is no longer confined to what you can see or what you have been told.

Suddenly you know.

The bulbs go off – firing so fast you create a brilliant light and may even blind yourself to not see again.

But that decision is yours.

When you see yourself as space instead of in space worlds open up, doors fly open, barriers fall away.

This is all up to you now – nothing to hold you in.

Or back.

The freedom you so longed for is you.

Nothing To Define You

Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply

Now what?

Who are you when there is nothing to define you, save you?

This is what you have dreamt of and now you know.

Now you are here in this very moment of Allness.

Who are you so you can express yourself all over?

Would you change a thing from who you are now?   Would you turn up the volume even more?

Would you be an entirely new you now that you are everything?

Space is the final frontier for who you are now and only the beginning for who next you shall be.

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