Nov 052011


That silent space is kind of a nice place to be in.

You make that sound as if silence and space are separate from you.

Know they aren’t.

You are as much the space in between as the space you believe yourself to be right now.

You are the silence or you wouldn’t be able to hear it.

You are the language of space.

A new language you have just found but was there all the time.

Language Of Space

Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply

Once you learn to enjoy the comforts of space and silence you will have much to explore.  A whole new side of you never thought possible.

And yet here it is.  Here you are.

Right here all new all over again.

Head off into the silent space of you even as you feel trepidation.

You are here to greet yourself.

You will meet on new ground, not the ground of old.

The battlefield is no more.

Onward you move into the field of being, far far beyond ground.

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