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You said there will always be forces against me/us.  Is that touching into good and evil?

No.  That is touching into life is always changing and therefore so too are you changing – as is everyone and everything else.

Change happens.

In all directions as well as shapes and sizes.

You may perceive change in a particular way but that does not mean change is what you perceive.

All of you are changing change as you go along.  You influence your part of change as does another.

How you line up can appear as if you are heading the same direction as you like to say – or not.

You are an opposing force to those who you perceive as opposing you.

You are as much the opposition as they are.

But you don’t have to be in opposition even if you appear to be opposed.

Think about that.

Perceptions Of Change

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You can move into a whole new level or layer or facet of energy where the opposition becomes less or even irrelevant.

In such a case you are aligning with the greater nature of life and out of the nature you have perceive to be you.

You ultimately cannot be out of alignment with life.

You can be with each other as you find your own expressions but you cannot be misaligned with life.

You try in your small way and wonder why all this is happening to you.

Move into your larger ways, the real you, and you will begin to see a whole new movement to life you have not seen before.

And I tell you – you will like.

The more you let go the more you align with life.

And life expressing is what you and I are all about.

Move into a true expression of yourself and you move into the trueness of life.

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