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Creating change, coming together, changing yourself – not for the feint of heart or unwilling.

You will always have forces against you.

The difference is in the forces you have with you as to how much that is against impacts you – if at all.

You are still trying to go about change using old ways and not leveraging the new. 

There is more on your side working for you than just you.

Remember that.

Move into that.

You will tire quickly if you do this all from you.

Move into being and you open doors to a new way.

Shift into the space in between and move outside of light.

Do not question that you are unsure of how to do this.

Believe in yourself so you can know.

Focus on being.  Stand in you.  Shine all about.

Seen Too Much

Modified original Flower viewed from ground from alegriphotos.com
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The change you cannot necessarily see, nor do you want to either.

You trap yourself where you are if you need proof to continue on.

Shift beyond all of that and tap into what you can know.

That is a vast of nothing and everything just waiting for you.

Your time is now.

Whether you take this time is up to you.

Your decision to carry on.  Your decision to change course.  Your decision to be more fully who you are rather than only see who you were.

Keep on.  You are here now.

You will not be satisfied turning back.

You have seen too much.  You know there is you.

Brave souls to take this on but certainly no one better than all of you.

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