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Are we ready to be real?  Are we ready to be brutally honest with ourselves?

Good question.  Both of them.

Interesting that you associate brutality with honesty.  Why is that?

Because we’ll have to give up what we thought we knew?  Because of the pain we’ll experience?

Another interesting association.  Pain and honesty. 

Have you not thought honesty might bring you the greatest pleasure you have ever experienced?  The joy of being you.

Because you are joy and joy is you.

You have approached your world as one big battle in order to find pleasure.

The first holds you back from the second.

You cannot fully experience yourself as joy while you believe you must fight for it, that you must struggle.

Didn’t you say we could experience both?  We can be joy and experience other emotions at the same time?

Yes I did.  But do you?

You can experience both but will you?

That is another question you must answer.

Will you leave what you know behind so you can know what you don’t?

Are You Ready

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Be honest now.

Be aware of all that you are feeling.

Are you ready to jump into the unknown?  Or even just dip in a toe?

You know how to be who you think you are.  But are you ready to be who you really are?

How much honesty do you believe that takes?

I tell you, much less than you think.

Once you have a taste of you, you will want more, and more after that.

You have already begun down that path.

Be honest with honesty.

Be real with reality.

Be you with who you really are.

Your beliefs about honesty are holding you back, not the truth.

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