Oct 242011


Stop pretending.

That might just give new definition to what “the real world” means.

Can you be that honest with yourselves, for that is what it will take.

Who do you have to be to be that honest?

Who are you to admit the life you lead now is full of holes and fantasies?

What are you still doing that gets in the way of you being?

Are you ready to be you full out, to express all that you are without care or regard for what another thinks?

Are you ready to be real?

Gees, when you put it that way I think I might just be scared off.

You already are that scared off or you would be living the life of the real true you.

But what are you afraid of?

There is no big bad wolf chasing after you.

Ready To Be Real

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You are afraid of who you really are and what that means.

Once you know will you be able to go back?

You are afraid of the pain of not living out in full colour.

What if, what if, what if.

You are feeling the pain now of not being true with yourself.

Is it not worth a try to pursue something different?

What if, just what if it all works out?

All of you living the full expression of the real who creating the real true world.

If you want to know what reality is then you have to start living what is real – not what you pretend is real.

Get real with yourself so you can live in reality.

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