Oct 232011


That’s a good question – what do others have to gain by me (or anyone else) staying the same?

And the answer is?

Still haven’t found a reason other than they get to stay the same too.  That’s not really gaining anything.

Okay, how about this – if I stay the same you get to experience changing first. 

How likely will that be?

Perhaps not likely.  Waiting for another to go first is how we got where are are now. Maybe we’re too polite.

That is unlikely too.

You do not like to go first because of the fears you hold.  And your refusal to make a decision.

You can consider the possibility you could all change at the same time.

You could all go first at the same time.

All Change At Once

Modified original Sand dune from 4freephotos.com
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Then we wouldn’t be first.

Oh so linear you are in your thinking.

You all go first for you.  You all go first for those around you.

First does not mean you go it alone.  You are all changing at once anyway so you can stop fooling yourself.

You can stop pretending what is not true.

You are changing each other all the time, in every moment.

We have nothing to gain by you slowing us down in your attempt to stay still.

We work best when we play off one another you and I.

But if you stop playing then so do I.

You do not like to play alone.  Where is the game in that?

We are in this together you and I so play well we shall.

And a new game has just arrived.

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