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Take a good look around you.

Now take a look inside.

What are you still creating that you so long to be done with, that you no longer align?

So why are you still engaging in that which is ready to be done? 

You are keeping it alive – not how but who.

You say you wish it to be done and yet it isn’t.  There is only you.

It may take two to tango but only one to engage.

This is you we are talking about, however large or small you want to make that who.

Change may not start with you but it certainly continues on – or not.

Or only it so appears.

Think instead of the rate at which change occurs – fast or slow rather than on and off.

You want change to happen fast everywhere except for you.  Then taking it a bit slow might very well do.

But why isn’t everything continuing on – it can change ever so more easily than you.

What Do We Gain

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When you change faster all other change can occur that much faster too.

Simply allow yourself to open up and let change work through.

Do not try to control.  Let change use you until you are able to use change too.

That time will come soon if you allow it to.

There is no good reason to hold on.  I dare you to think of just one – a good reason to stay where you are for all of us, not what you believe is good for just you.

Really think about this – what do we have to gain by you staying the same?

We are waiting for you as much as you are waiting for us.

Let’s go together at once and see what difference we can create.

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