Oct 122011


Why now?

Why not?

Why now what?

Why all these changes or push for change?

Why not?

You have never stopped changing.  Your history is made up of change time after time.

And they all look as ominous and as serious as you believe yours to be now.

But we haven’t been in danger of killing ourselves off or ruining the planet before.

You have just upped the ante.

Other’s believed their world to be on the brink as well only their world was smaller than yours.

You are simply repeating patterns over and over again.

At some point you will learn.  You will try something different.

You know the answers.  Who will you choose to be in order for those answers to be done?

You are fully capable of creating the change you wish to see.

The question is why aren’t you?

Who are you being to not go forward with what you know needs to be done?

Being To Get Done

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Again, this is not a matter of doing but being.  Your lack of doing comes from your lack of being.

If you know what needs to be done – if only to start – what is holding you back?

Now is the time to be honest, to face the answers you hide from yourself.

What do you fear?

And is that fear real or something that is being used to hold you back?

See the difference.  Be in the truth.

Know you are not alone and in that you can move forward to see what is really there to see, not what is just make believe.

[This skit came to mind as I was typing today’s entry.  Is the truth so simple we make it not easy.]

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