Oct 092011


So I have to ask because somebody will.

First you say its the real true me holding me back and then you say it isn’t.  How can that be?

Who can you be?

I knew you were going to say that. 

And so your questions are answered before they are asked.

Let us propose the answer to your first question is a matter of perception.

You not being the real true you does not enable the true creative power that is you to come through.

Pick which version you would like to be holding you back, or in.

In the end it does not matter for the result is the same.

Use what works for you to come out from behind yourself.

And then there will be no relevance to what you are exploring now – save you are looking for another diversion.

Changing Directions

Modified original Deserted dock at sunset from alegriphotos.com
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There is only ever one question to answer – who am I being in this moment?

Bring awareness to this point of you so you can begin anew – in every moment.

You will begin to shift and in that you can change direction.

To change direction from the same point of being will only bring you back to where you desired to leave.

Change you.  Change who.

That is all there is to change so begin there.

Begin with you.

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