Oct 072011


You just proved you need money to be happy.  Having all that money takes away all my worries and lets me have everything I want and dream of.

(I know you are playing here so I will play along.  Play is good.  It lets you be silly when you won’t see the silliness in yourself.)

About all that you proved to yourself is you have a lot of excuses as to why you aren’t being you.

You proved you hide yourself behind a lot of stuff.

You proved you can’t decide who you really are and what it is you truly desire to express and experience as you.

When you have to satisfy every whim that comes your way you are taking the long way around to who you are through who you are not.

You are like the kid in the candy store, wide-eyed and agog of all the possibilities and determined to try everything instead of deciding what you truly want.

But then you lament you only have so much money so you can only have a tiny fraction and you are missing out on the rest.

It’s the money holding you back.  How could it ever possibly be you?

Do not blame that which is outside of you for not being able to decide who you are.

Do not blame others for you not knowing the real true you.

This is what you came here for – to know you.

How much longer are you going to put that off?

How much longer are you going to ignore you?

We can wait you and I but can you?

What you truly desire is yours for the making.

But first you have to be who so you can believe what you know to be true.

Play as long as you like for it is you who feels like it takes forever and the one who can make forever come true.

You are doing this to yourself.

So start being who.

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