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Why do we connect seeing ourselves creating with responsibility?

Because that is who you are.

When you are conscious or aware of your decisions and your creations, you see the world differently.

You see you differently.

You move into the space of knowing yourself and what you truly desire to express and experience.

This is a never ending process of dis covering yourself.

At first when you begin to realize you are creation in every moment, you try to create what you desire as who you believe you are, not from who you truly are.

So you want money and houses, beaches and nice cars.

And they don’t appear or appear ever so slowly.

So you tell yourself you cannot create at all.  You don’t believe the creative power you truly are.

What you do not consider is that the real you is holding you back.

Not that you want to keep you from experiencing life.   But the real you knows you are choosing instead of deciding and many times simply choose what you could not have.

That does not mean you really desire it and truly decide this is what I want to create.

You are still in reaction mode at this point.

See The World Differently

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In order to create what you truly desire you must know who you truly are.

You are much different than you believe yourself to be.

When you are being the real true who what you desire to create through your expressions and experiences is much different than what you believe you would now.

If you want to have a taste of this difference, imagine yourself winning a lottery.  This is a dream so many of you have.

What would you do?  What would you buy?  How would your life change?

And now ask the question you never do – who would I be?

Be with that for awhile.  Answer the questions as you best know how.

Now imagine you are one of those “lucky few” – another lottery windfall comes to you.

You have more money than you know what to do with.  There is nothing left to buy.

There is no place left to go.  You have seen it all.

(Now watch the yeah-buts start creeping in.  They are here to stop you from going where we are about to go.

They know the game will be up so they must stop you at all cost.)

You have everything you want, you have gone everywhere there is to go.

What’s left?  Now what?  Who are you?

Every need and want has been satisfied.  What is there left to do?

Nothing except be who.  Who is you?

What do you decide you want to experience now?  What do you want to express as who?

Take a look at your two lists now.  How similar or different are they if you are speaking from your truth?

(And pay attention to if you are still hiding the truth from you.)

Be with this.  Be with the two you’s.

Who is really true?  Which who is really you?

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