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I take it from yesterday we’re supposed to get the message “there is no separation”.

That would be wise of you to see and embrace and be.

When you are in the space in between, what defines you – that which you’re in between?

What if those edges are so far apart or you are so small that you cannot see what you are in between?

You just are.

You have no relation.

You cannot tell this spot from that.

So in the space of everything you begin to play games with yourself.  You begin to imagine things that aren’t there and they become real.

Sound familiar?

Just because you don’t appear to be as one does not mean you are [apart].

You have played games to make believe what is here at the expense of what is really here – or not.

When you truly begin to touch into what no separation means, everything will change, and then change again and again.

You have a difficult time even trying to grasp at a broad, fuzzy intellectual level what that could be.

And I know what you are going to say next.

Exactly correct.

No separation is not a concept to be grasped, understood or intellectualized.

Too Big For Words

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You are beyond that.

Too big for words.

Move beyond the boundaries of your mind and feel the feeling of one.

Your understanding occurs at a level far beyond words.

And the good news is you do not need words to share this with others – for you are already one.

You can speak at a level you have not tapped into before – where words are not needed to share what is beyond.

You have played and danced with this before with what you call love.

But you have not touched the surface yet of what it means to live as love because you are love.

You still see love as something to see or to gain or to move towards.

Be with that.

See how you have taken that which you are and pushed it away from you so you could experience moving towards.

There is no need for that – unless you so desire – as you truly are always coming from – coming from who you are.

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