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How will our lives change if we are coming from rather than moving towards?

You can stop seeking.

That alone would be a huge shift.

You can stop looking for a single destination and see all the possible ways available to you.

That would be huge. 

You live with blinders on, focused on seeing something in a particular way.

And if you don’t see it that way you have failed or missed the boat.

What you fail at is realizing how much more is accessible to you because you created it in the first place.

And that too would be a huge shift – to switch from seeing what is available to what you create.

You look for your options to choose from and then get stuck because you are afraid you don’t know what [all] your options are.

You get stuck once again jumping into seek mode, trying to discover what you don’t know.

You Can Stop Seeking

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When you are creation coming from you, all your options disappear.  They become irrelevant.

You decide what you want to create rather than wait to see what you can choose from.

To choose from options is to separate yourself from you.  Someone or something else outside of you is deciding from which you can choose.

To decide is to create and to create is to decide.

This must come from you and cannot be apart from you.

When you see yourself creating in every moment you take great responsibility for all that is around you.

That is you.

No separation.

If you perceive yourself as always moving towards then you do separate yourself, you create a gap or wiggle room.

You separate yourself from life as another way to hide you from who.

Feel what it feels like to be creation.

Feel the energy that infuses you – because it is you.  You have the power of All That Is right here and as you.

Feel yourself radiate as a light, shining in all directions.

You do not have to go towards the light – you already are.

The gap closes.

There is no separation.

Your world changes because you are a different world.

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