Oct 012011


Just when you think you’re being open you tell us we’re hiding.  Another poke in the side.

Do not think I am out to harm you.  This is you revealing you to yourself.

You wanted to shift and shift you shall.

There is no reason to hide.

You have just hidden so well that you forget to remember. 

There is always more of you to reveal.

There will always come a time that just when you think you’ve got it there is something more.

This is the nature of ever unfolding.

You think All That Is is a destination, a place to reach, a final resting point.

I tell you there is no rest involved in being All That Is.

You are the point of pure and total creation which in itself can never stop moving.

All That Is is constant motion.

Returning To Where You Began

Clutter balls woven courtesy of Jon Sullivan
Copyright 2011 KitchenTableWisdom.com
creative commons terms apply

There is always more revealing itself as All That Is comes into itself.

Pure potential meets pure creation.

All That Is is never the same.

And so too is it with you because you are All That Is to begin with.

You never were not and you never shall be not.

You already are the end returning to where you began.

And as such life is you continues on.

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