Sep 282011


I don’t get it.  We are supposed to create our future but it doesn’t exist.


Well that was helpful.

We have been over this many times before.

Time is a creation of yours.  You play with it all the time.

You set your clocks forward and back.  You add seconds to straighten out your calendar to match what is.

You give yourself extra time so you won’t be late or you’ll run on time.

You are trying to control time but you are still being controlled.

You know what is possible but haven’t quite got clear.

You can create anything you want only you don’t know what that is.

Have you considered you might very well fear having everything at once?

Because you can and you do.

This is you we are talking about.

Consider as well you might just use the future as a tool to know yourself better.

You like to take things slow so what better way to create slow than to push things away from you.

Now you have here and there to navigate and explore.

You tire of right now because it is all that is.  There is no separation.

Which is fine until you are bored with it.

You want something new.  You want a different way to experience you.

So you create now and then, here and there, us and them,  me and you.

You are beginning to see the difference between what you believe is real and what is.

And in doing so you are able to play with the game ever more intricately and ever more consciously.

Black and white is no more when you know you really have the whole spectrum to play with.

The play is yours.

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