Sep 232011


Why does there always have to be something more?  We don’t have a grasp of what we have now.

Consider that a good thing.

What you do not grasp is easier to let go of, to let slip through your fingers.

Knowing is one of those things you would do well to let flow rather than remain constant.

When you are not in motion is when you have a problem.

Fortunately for you, that is not the case.  You only perceive yourself as being stuck, or staying the same, or not changing.

The reality is you never stop moving.  You never stop changing.

Your perceptions are much easier to change than what Is.

Although how very hard you try.  Persistence is not lacking.

Focus your efforts instead on changing what you perceive and what you believe.

Changing what Is is much more difficult to do.

For ones who like the easy road you manage to find time and time again the most difficult path you can take.

But at least you accomplish your goal of not being you  –  or so you let yourself believe.

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