Sep 222011


Are you tired of circling?

Have you seen the same scenery one too many times?

Are you looking to do something different?

Let’s say I am.

Then be something different.

And let’s say I’m not. 

Then be something different.

The answer is always the same.

Be who you are.  Decide who you are.

Simply Be Who

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If you want the most simple, straightforward answer to your questions


And when you have got hold of that we will move onto I.

Keep that around but do not focus on that as yet.  Go for two right now and you will find it much easier to make the leap to one.

For be is an expression of I just as do is an expression of be.

There is always something more.

Ever and always.

You are part of that [always something more] but instead you see yourself as separate.

In that you create struggle – something you are familiar with.  Something to do.

Who are you being to want struggle?  Who are you being to need something to do?

Are you afraid that once you be who you are there will be nothing left to do?

I tell you – that is when life begins – when you are being and expressing who you really are.

You will be expressing all over yourselves and finding new ways to experience the all of you.

Be the one who can be the you that can make the decision to simply be who.

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