Sep 182011


Why haven’t we figured out ourselves?  Good question.

How about we haven’t paid much attention to who we are?

I was afraid you were going to say something like that.


Because you can bring up all sorts of arguments about how you have studied you, know your workings from a physical perspective and so on.

Many will jump on your statement with counter arguments to say you have placed much focus on yourselves – too much in fact.

And … But …

You are correct in saying you have not paid much attention to who you are.

The important qualifier is “really” – you have not paid much attention to who you really are.

You have placed much focus on who you think you are but that is about as far as you go.

Who do you have to be to go further, to open yourselves up to the next expansions of who you really are?

Like changes before you, you must be prepared to turn all that you know on its side, to spill out all over so you do not have to fit what you think you know in with what you will see and ultimately know you know.

Take a good look at what you are feeling at the thought of that.

If you let all that you think you know go – then what?

Yet Here You Are

Lambent fire courtesy of Titus Tscharntke
Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply

Where does that leave you?

Who will you be?

What will you know for sure?

What can you count on?

What is there to hold?

What you choose not to remember each and every time these questions come up is that you have done this many times before.

Your world has been rocked, everything you thought was true has been proven false.

Yet here you are.


You are more adaptive to change than you believe yourself to be.

A change of that alone would rock your world.

To imagine you are able to change just like that – what a concept you find that to be.

But you can and you will.

That is precisely why you have brought yourself to this very point right now.

Because it is time.

The time is now.

You can no longer hold yourself back.

You can no longer wait.

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