Sep 142011


Did you see the world through three?

Yes and no.  More no than yes.

I was working on something but I was also tossing around the idea.

Think about what you were working on.

Would seeing through three (or any number greater than two) have help you? 

I’m going to have to think about that.  Give me a moment here.

Now that I look at yesterday more closely I could say I was seeing through three more than I thought.

Care to explain?

What I was working on has a time component.  Get it done by then.  And I was at now.  How to get as much packed into the space of now and then was my focus, and feeling bad anything outside of that path was falling off my plate and not getting done.

I decided to make time for those which seemed to open up space and take away pressure from having to get things done.

I guess I opened up a third dimension, now-then-those.  Which doesn’t make sense to me but maybe it will.

You do not have to make sense of everything.  Sometimes you can’t because you are not ready yet.

The important part is to know you saw something new, it’s real and meaning can come at a later time.

You pulled your world into three and your world shifted.

Still don’t know if that’s good or bad, or if I’ll get done what I need to.

You are pulling yourself back into two once again.

You will go though this back and forth many times as you learn to shift the space you are in.

You know two so well you have forgotten.

Now you have to pay attention again so you can see it for what it is.

And what is it?

Simply a way to see the world.

But it is certainly not the only way or the final way.

There will always be more.   There will always be next.

You can be as far as you like.

What you see now does not mean you are stuck to what you see next.

Your past is not your present unless you make it so.

And your future is wide open with your choice of where to go.

That is for you to decide, not I.

Just know that your future is as large as you want to make it be.

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