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You are making being you a much bigger deal than it really is.

Not that you aren’t a big deal – because you are.

Very big indeed.

But you find this way and that to be an excuse for not being you.

You shall return to you for there is no other place to go.  You are always with you no matter how much you put in front.

You have this hero’s myth within your cultures that tell you there is some heroic journey you must travel and make your way through.

To find yourself again is not a struggle you have to find your way through.

But you make it so.   You keep the struggle alive when you do not have to.

There is no heroic tale you have to tell in order to be you.

You already are and always will be you.

New Story To Tell

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Copyright 2011
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The time has come for a new story to tell – the one created by you.

Struggle if you like but do not tie another into the path you decide to travel.

Invite them along but do not be upset if you find they part ways with you.

Take their lead as an option available to you.  See what they see and decide if that is something for you.

There are many ways to see you.  Explore them all if you like.

Only know you cannot be apart – even if what you see appears so.

That is merely another way back to you.

You are the obstacle in your way now so you are up to you.

The decision is yours.

The path is short.

The hero is already you.

Few have come this far but many more will come after you.

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