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I’m still not sure if I want to be responsible.  That’s a lot of weight to carry.

Are you still not sure that you want to be you – because that is what you are saying.

To be responsible is to be conscious of who you are being.

You can carry a lot of weight when you live from that point of view.

You are not carrying much weight at all.

When you are aware of who you are being you cannot help but be responsible for your expressions and experiences.

This is all you.

To say you do not know what you want is to say you don’t know you.

But you do.

You know.

Time For Who You Really Are

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And now is the time to be responsible for who you really are.

Shine through.

Your perceived burdens are carried by all of us when you do.  You have us on your side, all of us me and you.

How can you not be responsible when you live from you?

Try it and see how that works.

Be you, if even for a moment, know what is true and then see if you can be irresponsible in the space of that.

While you are there, feel what responsibility is.

You might find it different from what you thought you know.

  One Response to “Not Holding Your Weight”

  1. Be you
    Know what is true
    Shine through
    Thank you!


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