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Isn’t that quite a lot of pressure being placed on me if the world can only be as great as I am?

Quite the contrary.

And how is that?

This is your growth opportunity you have been waiting for.

This is the door you have been waiting for to open.

And wait no more you shall.

You now know it is you who makes a difference.

There is no one to wait for.  There is no big production that must occur.

When you shift the world shifts with you.

Open up and the world opens with you.

Be your true self and the world become true too.

Ever And All Way More Fully You

Modified original Flowers of an apple tree from
Copyright 2011
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When you change the world cannot help but follow because you no longer see in the same way you used to.

That is your window of opportunity to see anew and all that is available now to you.

What you need to understand is this starts with you being who, who you really are.

The context in which you see all the pressure is in asking what can you do.

How can one little person go up against everything to change the world?

Your leverage is not in how but who.

Don’t focus on what you can do but rather who you are.

In your being you can move mountains or molecules, there is no difference for you.

The goal is not to move either though.

The point is to be ever and all ways more fully you.

Who you see as you will also change and in that you will change worlds too.

Being this new you will bring challenges you have not faced before but remember there is all part of being ever more you.

This is what you have called yourself here for – being ever more fully you.

And as you full out, the world fulls out too.

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