Aug 272011


You have much to explore anew.  The whole is yours.

All of it.

You are no longer limited by what you see once you let go of this notion you are only a part.

Ease into this or jump in with both feet.  Paddle around and see which direction you would first like to go.

Your mind will turn upside down but you won’t.

You have yet to realize the true potential of your beingness for it will keep unfolding no matter how far you go.

Look with new eyes.  Twist your mind around to shake it out of its hold.

Keep asking questions to widen the cracks and unhinge the door.

Not The Same As What You Thought

Modified original Snowing at night from
Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply

Do not let this day pass without taking the time to see from the whole.

Bring yourself around to see from the inside out.

Then sideways too.

Up and down will also do.

You will begin to see there is no starting point and no end.

Very much this will frustrate you.

Get used to this.  Your world is not the same as what you once thought.

You are here now to unravel what once was and then recreate.

You are in a time where not just one turns everything on its head.  You are many now coming from all directions.

Use this to your advantage as you take the next step.

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