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Okay.  Nuts and bolts here – why don’t you just tell us how to be who we really are?

I don’t know how to tell you any clearer this is not a matter of how but who.

You believe me to have some magic wand I can wave over you, or an instruction manual that tells you how to be who.

You wrote the book, not I.

I see you for who you really are.  For who you are all ready.

The willing and able parts are up to you.

Ask Another Question

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Have you considered asking a different question?

What would that question be?

For one you could consider “If I am all ready who I am, what is in front of me?  What is getting in the way keeping me from me?”

And then you could answer such questions as “who would I have to be to be the real me?” or “what do I think would change if I knew?” or “who am I being in order to know what I know?” or “do I really want to be me?  Am I prepared to know what I know?”

Begin exploring the answer to those questions and watch what your reaction is.  That will tell you much more than I could ever give you.

And you will remember.

If I told you how to be who – you would still not get it.  You would still be living outside of you.

You want to take the rules you have played on the outside and bring them in.

I tell you they will not apply.  There is a whole new world waiting for you.

This is not a matter of can you be who, but will.

Will you decide to be you?

Will you decide to know?

Will you go through the muck you perceive before you?

Will you be true?

And there is one question underlying all you can use to guide and hold you.

But the answer must be honest and clear.

Will you be you?

That is the question you must answer form the vulnerable core of your being.

Think hard and long in making your decision.

Are you prepared to be who?

Will you be you?

  9 Responses to “A Matter Of Will”

  1. These are great questions. These are all an exercise of will. (Also an act of surrender?). Will ponder on them as I get on my next flight (literally).

  2. These are great questions … do I detect an upcoming gathering at the table ?

  3. @Sandra – Curious to know your thoughts behind “These are all an exercise of will”.

    @Bonnie – Wonder how many the table will hold – who’s interested? Bet we could put a couple of virtual leaves in the table too.


  4. I am interested in sitting at the table!

    As for “exercise of will,” I think the obstacle to knowing and being aware of my true nature (at all times) is my own thoughts. So, it is an exercise of will to put the self-limiting thoughts aside. When I do that, I feel un-covered. Joy uncovered.

    The challenge for me is to stay aware. I know what is possible, but I find myself slipping back to the old ways when I am not paying attention. So my intention is to pay attention.

  5. Let’s pick a date and grow from there.

    An early morning thought/message on “it is an exercise of will to put the self-limiting thoughts aside.” – will and self-limiting thoughts come from the same source, so you keep feeding what you’re trying to remove.

    My interpretaion of will used here was that of decision made from your deepest truest self. “Will” seems to be used purposefully here … as in “will you or won’t you” instead of “can you or can’t you”.

    Your 12:24pm question “Also an act of surrender?” brought to mind ‘is this a matter of acceptance?’, the acceptance of who we really are?

    Does the ego view ‘will’ and ‘surrender’ as fight’en words and in doing so prepares for battle?


  6. @Sandra 8:59pm – “The challenge for me is to stay aware.”

    A couple of morning thoughts …

    What if awareness was on a volume control/slider instead of an on/off switch? Does that take pressure off of wanting to be aware … which inhibits awareness in itself? Instead of seeing from yes or no can we assume yes and be aware of how much?

    Is awareness like a driving a car? When we first learn to drive we are very aware of everything. The more we drive the more we drive on auto-pilot. Does a certain level of awareness become a given so it doesn’t feel like we’re aware any more, and more / expanded awareness feels like being aware again?

    LOL – Being aware of not being aware is more aware than not aware at all. (Say that ten times fast!)


  7. I like the idea of awareness being a volume control slider instead of on/off!

    And I’ve been thinking for days about whether I am making it a battle after your comment above.

    In another post you wrote, “Help yourself out by digging around to see all the ways you are blocking you.”

    I keep coming back to things I can do, in order to be. (I know how you feel about that!) But, since I’ve started “doing” those things, I am being more of who I want to be.

  8. “(I know how you feel about that!) But, since I’ve started “doing” those things, I am being more of who I want to be.”

    LOL – to which I cannot help but ask, who are you being that is expressed as your willingness to dig around and do those things that you didn’t/couldn’t do before?


  9. Good point :-)


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