Aug 152011


I like the idea of falling apart into a bigger whole.

Why do you say that?

It gives me the space to let go and know there is something more.

You won’t fall.


I have told you I will catch you.  I am here for you.

As are you.

There is no need to hold on.

The decision is yours.

And in that your power returns to you.  Your fear is overcome.

I didn’t say I was happy about falling apart.

But you opened the door.

By deciding you have lessened what you perceived to have control over you.

Notice the next time you make a decision on something you have been afraid of.

Whether you go ahead or not do it, pay attention to what happens to you after you truly decide.

Notice the difference you feel inside of you.

Notice how much energy it [holding on] is taking from you.

You can experience this with any decision you make.  The decisions carrying more energy for you can be easier to notice at first.

There is movement in the subtleties too but may be harder for you to detect at first.

Continue your awareness as you move more into you.

Notice what happens when you decide from the space of you to be this way or that.

Watch what falling apart can do for you and what opens up after that.

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