Aug 142011


I suppose I know what I know for where I am right now.

You actually know more than you know.

How can I know it then?

Who can know it?

This is beginning to sound like a conversation I had last weekend. 

See how much you know without even knowing.  You knew before you asked.

You knew before you knew you knowed.

Knowed is not a word.

Then how did you know to write it down?

Besides, you are the one who suggested we needed a new language.

Or was that you who made the suggestion?

It was me being you being me.

Now it doesn’t matter.  The important thing is it was said.

There is more than you know that you know, knowing there is so much more you don’t know.

Knowing What We Don't Know

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That I do know.  All that I don’t.

Then you know a whole lot.

And you have room to know a whole lot.

At this you can keep expanding because there is always more to know, more of which you know now than you know.

This is starting to sound like a tongue twister.

Keeping your tongue tied might be good.

Not to stop speaking.  No, speak away.

But do you have to do it with your tongue, as in your voice?

Can you speak faster through other means?

I believe so.

So you know what you have not yet experienced.  You are off to a good start.

A great start in fact.

Keep that up.

Know what you cannot see and you soon will.

But you must open yourself first to the possibility so you can see when it arrives and recognize it as what you know.

This is not always obvious but there will be something recognizable.  You will re cognize what you see.

Can we see something before we know it?

All the time.

You just can’t process it. You can’t see it for what it is.

And if you have created a picture in your mind of what you think you know, you will not be able to see what is already here.

Again, you can see before you know what you see.

And remember too we have used the word know to represent different knowings.  All “knowing” as you use the word is not the same.

At one point it was but now you have grown.

You have come to see separations in what once was whole.

I thought everything was a whole and a part at the same time.

It was and is and will be.

I suggest to you as you watch your words fall apart, and your world too, that you will uncover a bigger whole within which the falling apart occurs.

Open yourself to that too and watch what you see.

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