Aug 022011

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You know.

Sit with that awhile and feel the depth of truth.

You know.

And yet you find it easier to block that out, to pretend otherwise, to pretend you do not know how.

The truth is you do.

All of you.

This is not a matter of how but who.

You may say here we go again but this is true.

You are looking to resolve – literally re-solve – the problems you see and can’t figure out how.

You would do well to start from a level of who.

Who are you being in this very moment?

And how does your who fit into the picture you see?

Your thoughts about yourself – and others – are as much about the problem as anything you do.

You know what is right.  You know what to do.

The question you have is about you being who.

Who do you have to be in order to do what you know is right and true?

You know.

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Until you can stand in you there is nothing you can do that will change what you see.

The same problems will appear time and time again because you are expressing the same who, the who that is you.

You know.

Now is the time to be.  Be you.

This is still new enough for you.  New enough for you to question and so you have doubt.

Return to what you know and then decide who is you.

You have a being problem before you and you cannot re-solve it with what you do.

You are solving the same problem over and over again and it won’t do.

Be.  Be you.

You know what is true.

Be anew.  Start with you.

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