Jul 252011

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Aren’t we supposed to learn from our past?

You would be much better off deciding your future.

That was short and sweet.

Because it’s true.

There is nothing to embellish. 

To learn from your past is to say you do not know who you are now.

You do know.

You know much more than you know.

Your problem is not one of knowing.

Your issue of not seeing the world you know that can be is one of deciding.

You refuse to decide.

You refuse to take a stand.

You refuse to declare this is who I am and who we are.

You know.

The decision now is who you are.

Stop refusing to be you.

Stop hiding your light.

Stop being smaller than you know you are.

You are being a disservice to us all.

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You do not need your past.

You need your future.

That is all you really have.

Decide now what your future will be.

Decide now who you are.

Decide now you know what you know.

Stop pushing yourself away from life.

You cannot make the separation big enough.

Give up trying.

Move in the opposite direction.

Move into who you really are.

Move into life.

Be forward instead of back.

You have come here to decide not learn.

You already know.

Now all that is left is to decide.

In every moment.

Then decide again.

This is not rocket science.

All it takes is for you to take a stand – stand in you because you already are you.

Do what is already done.

Be what already is.

The time for learning is over.

The time to decide has arrived.

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