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What or who do I have to be in order to change my thoughts or choose again?

Ever the explorer.

Curious to the end.

Willing to see something new.

You are never not these but you may want to bring them to the forefront more fully.

You would also do well to be secure in being who you are.

There is always and ever you to rely on.

Depend on you shall you.

You may be thinking you have let yourself down in the past but we are talking about a new you not someone you thought you knew.

In The Layers Underneath

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To choose another thought is to be aware of what your thoughts are and the thoughts below that.

You live on the surface rather than in what’s underneath.

You can keep going deeper and deeper until you rest in you.

When you be you there is no need to go more.  You are able to turn your attention then to what’s in store – the creation of more you.

You do not have to imagine that far – for now.

Focus instead on being aware of what is moving through your head – and your body too.

Pay attention to what you know is not the real you.

Use that as a point to go underneath what you believe is appearing for you.

You should fill yourself with great wonder for the journey that lays ahead.

Let your natural curiosity lead the way instead of holding back in fear.

I guarantee you there is a beautiful you waiting to see you.

And fall into your arms you will.

You wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t heard your call.

This is the time for you want to know all.

And here you are.

Face to face – ready to see you who sees you for the wondrous being you already are.

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