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That’s a very good question – “is this what you would choose on purpose?”

Why do you say that?

Because it shifts your attention, your focus.  I almost want to say it gives you back control.

Don’t go down that road or you’ll find yourself back in more of the same.

Consider instead saying it gives you back creation.

To choose purposefully is to bring you back into awareness and intention.

This brings you back to living from the space of you.

In Denial Of You

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For so long you have been told you are selfish, not a good person, going against God if you do what you want, if you do what is best for you.

You cannot give fully of yourself to life or anyone or anything else if you have to deny a part of you.

To do what another wants in denial of you is not life.

And is never what I asked of you.

I did not ask you to deny yourself for me nor will I ever ask you to deny yourself for another.

Giving to life less than you are is your making less of me.

Do you really want that on your shoulders?  To be known as the one who lessened me, made less of God?

I can tell you with utmost certainty – to deny yourself, to live less than who you are, to turn down your light is not a command or even a suggestion that came from me.

That is your doing to yourselves in order to play the game.

You started doing this to one another and I tell you – you can also stop.  This is your game to change and play.

Right here.  Right now.

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