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Are you done with having?

Are you ever done with anything?

So true.  You have learned well.

Are you satisfied in this moment with our discussion on having? 

Yes.  I believe we ended up without actually saying the point is to use having, not to be used.

And by that you mean?

There is nothing to have so don’t get lost in the idea we need to have something in order to be something.

We can use the concept of having to experience something, a relationship.  But we are aware we are creating that experience rather than it just happening to us so we react.

Anything else?

Not really.

Good, let’s move on.

To what?

Whatever you desire.

The world is your oyster, as you like to say, and you are all the pearl – the gift inside.

No Destined PathYour explorations are what keeps me fresh and so too you are fresh.

There is no destined path save the one you create.

And that can change in any moment.

Take nothing for granted.

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Not because it might be taken away but because you can create anything you want.

Only when you stop paying attention does everything look the same.

Does that mean we have to be on high alert?  Won’t we get tired?

You make me smile with the games you play.

Awareness is something you can choose to be rather than something you do.

[smiling]  Either way you can use it to say it is something you have.

You can be aware as your normal way of being.

You can be it so.

When you move it into a doing is when you require so much more effort you speak about.

Are you starting to see the difference?

It is in your sourcing from doing that you create the effort you so wish to avoid.

Doing first is the long road around to be.

And having is an even longer goose chase after that.

Be who you are and express from that.

That is all your doing is anyway – an expression in multi-million forms.

And through your expression of being you experience life, which is yourself, to the fullest.

There seems to be a mathematical equation in what you just said.

And I shall leave you to that.

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