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I guess we’re going nowhere fast until we continue talking about having.

We’re not finished yet.

We never are but that is another story.

Having – yes.  The unfinished, untold story.

How do you have something? 

Oh, I’m supposed to answer that.

You have something by owning it?  By being in relationship with it?

That is a tough question when you actually have to think about it.

Having is like magic – you have it or you don’t.  There’s no half-way in between.

And yes, having is a representation of your thoughts on what your relationship is to anything.

And because you are in relationship with everything, there is nothing you do not have.

There is nothing you have not.

So there is no need to want for anything because you have everything already.

I don’t see money in my hand.  Or that house I’ve always wanted.  I don’t have that “love of my life I’m complete” relationship.

Now who’s playing with me?

Well that’s what these so-called guru experts who make millions of dollars every year tell us we can have if we follow what they say?

And do people get those things?

Some do and some don’t I suppose.

More don’t than do.

And off to the next miracle cure solution they go.

Believing What You See

You can’t have anything.

You are the space in between.

If you had anything you would no longer be in between – or at a minimum you would make yourself smaller.

Modified original Iceland Sculpture by Jed Reitler
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Having is nothing but what you believe you see.

It’s magic.

You try to make something out of what’s not there.

You try to make the untouchable touchable, bring it into your physical world.

And then once you do you send it off again to be untouchable once again.

Only this time you hold onto it in your mind.

And so it is.

Forget about having anything.  That is not your end goal.

You will not be richer by amassing things or objects or people around you.

You will have all the riches in the world when you be who.

You already have everything but that you don’t see.

And so you try to see by having things around you to remind you of what you already know.

But it doesn’t work.

So you try to have more.

Which works not too.

Your freedom lies in being you.

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