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That seems to be a pretty big statement to equate money and religion.

The way you have created your game – that is true.

Your systems around money do mimic your systems around religion.

Which is not a stretch because you like to do what you know. 

You find repetition good.

Until you don’t.

What you have to understand is your thoughts around money are a reflection of your thoughts around you.

Your thoughts around you are a reflection of your thoughts about me and who you really are.

You like to call that spirituality.

What ends up happening is you use money to define who you are (which defines me) instead of using you (which is me) to define money.

You cannot be money.

Although you try.

You cannot do money either.

The closest you can get is to have money, although what you really have is a shared belief and a token to represent that belief.

So what you operate on is a mindset (which truly is a set of minds in this case) that says if you have money you can be this or that.

Do happy and free ring a bell?

And in your game you decided to make doing a medium of exchange for money.

You do this and I’ll give you that.

(And in some cases try to make that statement true [about me].  Tithing is all about it when there is never a need to.  I shall try not to digress.)

So you do this and I’ll give you that which is most often money.

Now that you have money you can be happy when you buy this thing or that.

Out of doing you get to have money to exchange for something else in order to think you’ll be something.

Are you really that happy spending all that money you pull out of thin air?

Are you really free doing things you don’t like doing?

I tell you – all you have to do is be.

You can be anything you desire without having to do anything.

You can be anything you desire without having any thing or any money.

You are being all the time.

To change who you be takes no money either.

Only a decision.

All You Have To Do Is Be

Modified original Friday Night Fireworks by John Murdoch.
Copyright 2011 KitchenTableWisdom.com | creative commons terms apply

You are free to decide at any time, in any moment.

No on can take that away from you unless you give it.

And even then you are still free to be whatever you desire.

Being is free.

No money down, no minimum payments to pay, no interest to compound.

Being is, was and will always be free.

No strings attached.  No games to play.  No debt to repay.

Being is free, the freedom you seek and who you already are.

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