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Now that you’ve brought up money, what about money anyway?

Okay, what about money?

And you were the one who brought it up.

But you carried on.

What are your thought on money?  Why does it hold so much power, have so much control? 

You made it that way.

You gave money power and you gave money control over you.

Which is pretty interesting don’t you think?


Because money is a concept – now more so than ever.

Money is a belief you hold and you have come to an agreement on what that belief is among many of you.

And for those who don’t have money you want to find ways to bring it to them.

Do you not find this very similar to what you call religion – especially those who do mission work to spread “the word”?

You have changed one god for another.

And the more people you have believing in your god the more power you have – over others and everything else.

We need money to live.

You will live whether or not you have money.  There are millions of people on your planet doing this every day.

But they live a hard life.  Maybe on the brink of death every day.

That may be true but you should take a good look – an objective look – at what is really going on.

Take A Good LookHave you created their dire circumstances for them?

Have you set up the situation so they cannot win?

What were their lives like before your money and your businesses came along?

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Take a very clear look at what has gone on and your hand in creating that.

Take a good look at your hand in creating the life you now lead.

Your money is merely a reflection of you because you are your money.

If you give your power away would you not expect your money to go away too?

Perhaps.  But we still need money to live.

Only because you have set up your system that way.

If your system falls apart all your money will lose its power.  You say it will have no value.

It has no value now save the value you give it.

Your games around money area as big as the games you play around me – your religions.

There is no game to play.

That I guarantee.

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