Jun 272011


Seems to me there is a renewed focus on “finding your passion” and “doing what you love (to make money)”.

There is nothing to find.

With that long pause it seems like the conversation has come to a close.

Not really.  There is just no more to say.

You know that as well as I. 

You do not have to find your passion.  That is continuing the game of Hide and Seek.

And in the context you have come to use the word passion you speak of what to do.

You use passion as a doing not a being.

You even sometimes use passion as something you have.

And you know this will get you nowhere.


You have hidden from yourself another way to focus on doing rather than simply being you.

And then you throw money into the equation and all hell breaks loose.  Now you’ve really put the pressure on.

And now the game has been turned up by saying if you can’t do what you love – which really translates into “if you can’t make money doing what you love to do” – then you’ve sold yourself out, you’re not doing what you could be doing.

You’re not living the life of your dreams.

I tell you – passion has nothing to do with money and passion has nothing to do with doing.

How many times did I just use doing without a mention of being?

Do do do – anything you can do to keep doing.

You are doing machines – driven to do.

And yet what you truly long for is to be.

Truly Long To Be

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You are driven to do so you can be.

I tell you – just be.  Take the short cut.  Be direct.

Switch your focus to being who you really are and your doing will change immediately.

You would do well to drop your concern about passion and instead allow yourself to be an expression.

Be an expression of who you really are.

Be you and let everything flow from there.

Your expression of you can happen in every moment, in everything you do.

There is nothing to find because there you are, right here where you’ve always been.

You will live the life of your dreams when you live you.

You will not care about how much money you make because it will flow to you.

Money is not separate from you unless you make it that way.

And I will tell you – money is not who you be.

Or what you do.

And money is something you don’t really have either.

So trying to bring money into the picture of who you truly are and your expression of who you be, is you – and money both are not.

You are the only one to define you, to decide you.  No one and no thing else.

Simply be you expressing all over yourselves and watch your world change.

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