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So … no time, no space – what’s left?

You and anything you want.

You find that very difficult to comprehend and yet it is so simple.

You are every thing and no thing and all things in between. 

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.  Nothing up my sleeves.

Have you ever wondered why you are so intrigued with magic?

Because it reminds you of home, of who you truly are.

You can create no thing out of thin air – and yet you do not know how.

Again I tell you

It’s not about how, it’s about who.

So very true.

The magic comes from who not how.

And once you truly understand you are who there is nothing that can stop you.

Fill your dreams of who you can be, not what you can do.

Or have.

Be who you are in your wildest imagination.

Come from you, not what you do.

Creation Is The Space In Between

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And when you are who – all time and space is disappeared because you are in between.

This is where all creation comes from, when you are in between places and spaces.

Once you are there or remain here, the creation is done.

Only in between does creation appear.

Be you.  Be who.

Keep you-who in motion (and be careful not to get that confused with what you do.)

You have no need for time or space unless it is for you to use.

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  1. @Tracy Howk on FB: So true! I love this post and will print it out as inspiration in my new digs!

    What parts did you find particularly inspiring or connecting? Lorraine


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