Jun 212011


My thought was, when you don’t have here and there, you can be anywhere – across the room or across the universe.

You can.

And you are.

And you do.

You have this thought that you are your body and you must take your body with you wherever you go.

Have you ever considered that you know both of those thoughts are untrue?

What do you mean?

Well, if you are your body and you have to take your body everywhere, and you know those to be untrue, then you have been puzzling over why you can go anywhere but can’t figure out why you would need to take your body with you.

So in puzzling over having to take your body you haven’t been able to, which reinforces the idea you can’t and so you don’t.

Which causes you to puzzle some more.

That seems a bit crazy.


And that is what you do to yourself all the time to keep up this silly game you play.

You not only forget, you twist what is true to be untrue.

Just to keep up the game.

Rainy Day

But now you know, or at least let yourself see glimpses into what you already know.

If that is all you will allow yourself – a glimpse – that is good enough.

Modified original Rainy Day from 4freephotos.com
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A glimpse is all it takes to set the wheels in motion.

Just as all it takes is a drip – one after the other creates what you call your Grand Canyon.

And do not forget – a drip is all it takes to cause you torture – one drip after another becomes painfully slow and agitating to you.

You can try to turn you off but in the end you will be on full tilt in the flow.

This is why I say to you there is so much waiting.

Turn you on full blast.

Jump in.

Let go.

You are able to do things you have only dreamed of.

Keep dreaming until you see it is real.

As for here and there – you already are wherever you want to be.

Only you do not see it so you do not believe.

Consider the possibility you do not have to move molecules in order to be anywhere.

Move in the space in between.

  One Response to “On Full Blast”

  1. @Tracy Howk from FB: “I am reminded that the world of sleep and the reality of dreaming have an ability to teach us this lesson.”

    In my dream last night I had to keep reminding myself what could be a dream or reality because they were so intertwined. Only the odd clue here or there could be used to tell which was which … and there was the possibility of either.



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