Jun 132011


Passion seems to be popping up all over.

You would do well to get rid of that notion [passion].


Because it leads you away from you.

I thought passion was about finding yourself.  Doing what you love. 

And what would I say about those two statements?

We are always right here so we dont’ have to find ourselves.  And we don’t have to do anything.

Exactly.  You have listened well.

Instead of doing what you love, be your greatest expression of love which is who you are.

Those who have found their passion have found themselves.

When you start looking at the concept of passion you start looking at something to do.

If only you would start looking at you instead.

That is the greatest source of passion you will ever find.

Be who you are.

Start with that if you are looking for something to do.

Just be you.

Get to know yourself all over again.

Fall in love with yourself because you are already in.  (Even though you try hard enough to deny it.)

If you are looking for something, find a mirror so you can look back at you.

That is the greatest love you will ever see.

Park yourself there until you desire to run and hide no more.

See yourself come through.

Watch you win the battle for you.

Because you will.

Love conquers all and the real true you conquers all too.

For you are one in the same.

Do not be concerned with passion if you are on the path to finding it.

Turn instead to yourself.  When you be you there will be no lack of passion coming through.

Do you get that?

You are the passion.

Yes, you.

Passion is you expressed.

But then you attach it to money and make yourself small again.

Please, just start with you.

Do not find a way to make money under the guise of doing what you love to do.

You will kick in your thoughts to survive and start new stories to tell yourself all over again.

Keep your money thoughts from being you until you can fully stand proudly in you.

Let you come first.

Expression cannot help but follow.

And then watch all that you attract around you.

The goal is not to make you out of money.

The money will flow around you.

Think about this – what begets who?

I can tell you a thousand times ten million ways until you hear – it all starts with you.

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