Jun 082011


The whole and the part.

You need not seek either one.

Simply shift the perspective from which you see.  There is so much waiting for you.

Take the time to shift. 

Pay attention.

Do not allow yourself to fall back.

Excuses will get you nowhere.

Step back and then back again.

The whole is where you’ve always been at, yet you have spent a lifetime seeking for that.

You have been looking for what has always been and what will always be.

You do not have to put the parts together.

Never have.  Never will.

Start from the other end, the other side, the other way around.


You must grasp this in order to see the changes you wish to see and it is already here.

Push away no more.  Pull yourself into this new paradigm.

It will serve you well.

Until the next time we go around.

Spend your time today going into the whole.

Be here.

See anew.

If only you end up staying in what you do not know well – or at all – that will be much progress for you.

Do not walk away from this without going there – into the whole.

You will find yourself there.

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