Jun 052011


How are we going to grow together?

Who are you going to grow together?

The question remains the same.  That is no different for one as you or one as all of you.

Who do you decide to be?

That is the question and is always the question.

You cannot assume that each one of you coming together will create something that connects, let alone work together.

You are the next greatest dynamic yet to discover.

You think that by being at the table something will work out.

Or fall apart.

You are still approaching this connection from a space of being separate.

And that you are not.

You are sitting in each and every spot at the table.

And you are the table itself, the space in between.

Go there.

To the space in between.

Begin your next evolution of who you are when you are neither here nor there.

You are everywhere and nowhere at once.

From this place you can see all and no thing in particular.

And that allows you the space to decide who you be – connected and free.

So we’re back to being again.

You never left.

Although it does seem like you’ve returned.

And now you have a bigger playground to be in.

To work alone in isolation does not guarantee you that all else will change.

But when you do your inner work within the larger whole – others can see you.

Your light does shine to be seen.  That when you show up you make a difference.

To be apart only gives you a false sense of having moved further than you believe.

But this is not what you know.

When you show up and be seen, the world is seen with you.

And you see others too.

The magic starts connecting all over.

And now you get to decide who you are together – no longer as one showing up alone but standing together as one.

That’s what you do for each other – take yourselves to the next higher level.

Perhaps not all at once.  There are those who will go ahead with you, in front of the others.

Do not be concerned – there will be no one left behind.

This is only a matter of what you call time.

Work out the kinks.  Get used to being alone no more.

Make room for the them in us that is no more.

Be about the change.  Pay attention to who you are.

Especially as you grow in one.

In that you will never stop.

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