Jun 042011


There is something more about this group dynamics I can’t put my finger on enough to ask a question.

You tell me, what direction can we go to get deeper on this, to discover what’s there?

Any direction you want will lead you to where you want to go.

There is the long way around, which you often like to take, the short most direct route back to you and any part in between.

This is all up to you.

But I don’t even know what to ask to get started. 

Keep asking.

Never stop.

For when you do your world collapses in on you.

That you and I both know you do not like.

Ask away.

Okay – so what is different about groups or relationships from what we are doing now?

For starters, you try and keep yourselves separate.

Every time you come to some sort of understanding on how to be with each other, you create another level to keep you apart.

Pretty soon you will run out of planet to separate yourselves from.

There will only be one.

Your borders will include everyone.

And that will scare you instead of enlighten you.

Who are you if there is not them to push against?

Who are you if there is no one to keep out?

Or put out?

You define yourself in relation to everything else.

If you have no threat, if you have conquered all – what next?

This is the point for you to begin again anew.

Your old ways will have come to an end and there will be nothing left to do.

And that will confuse you.

You will realize who you were is no longer who you are.

Your ways of survival will no longer serve you – other than to bring you to an early death.

What once worked to keep you alive will bring you to an end.

This is important for you to recognize, whether it be you, two or all of you.

What you once did will not work for where you want to go.  The time has come to leave that you behind.

The new you will be a creation formed from who you are as one in the same, a part of the whole and a whole of the parts.

There is only so far you can grow alone.

Your next evolution will come about from growing together.

And you have already started that journey home.

It is no coincidence that you have created your technologies to bring you closer together – to make connections where none existed before.

But in doing so you suddenly changed the rules of the game.

Without even really knowing you did so.

You have forced yourself on purpose to deal with each other in ways you never have before.

Power structures of yore no longer apply but oh how you try.

Now is the time to be conscious together as you write the rules.

And the rules will change again and again.

Only this time you know.

There is no surprise.

There will be no hanging on to what you knew.

Keep asking questions.   There is so much to explore and dis-cover.

You came here just for this.

To return to you.

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