Apr 262011


Are you saying then we are never not awake?

Pretty much, yes.

Once again you assume you are living in the land of either/or instead of both/and.

You can have many different worlds and dimensions.  Each offers you something you didn’t have before.

So why pick one when you can have all.

You are so busy trying to pick you miss out on what is available through all.

But what I also believe you are discussing when you speak of awakening is awareness.

And in this sense, to use the term awaken to describe an increase in awareness is more false than ture.

You have awareness in your unawakened state that you are unaware of.

So yes, you can awaken in your sleep.

And you can take advantage of the awareness that can come to you in the states in between.

Instead of believing you must be alert, see what opens when you see yourself in a fog.

Have you considered the possibility there is much clarity when your mind is not clear?

Consider this to be another time when your defenses are down and you have access beyond what you like to control.

You do not have to wake up to be aware.  Go about your awareness in a different way.

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