Mar 202011


You have a wonderful life ahead of you.

And it’s yours for the making, for life is what you make it.

All here.

All the time.

But you get stuck in your ways of thinking and you throw yourself off.

Or rather you don’t get going.

You just stay where you are hiding from yourself.

That you know as well as I will get you nowhere – fast.

Until you are ready to push through what you believe to be in front of you, there is more of the same.

For that is what you are creating in each moment of now.

What will it take for you to move into who – each moment of who.

That is the secret you have been waiting for.

That is how you span across time.

Be who.

Be you.

When you are, time ceases to exist.  Time becomes a tool rather than a dimension.

There is only one dimension – the dimension of you, of all that is.

Step into you and all else ceases to exist as it once was.

As you there is nothing else.

And that you find so difficult to believe.

I tell you this is only something you can know.  The knowing that can only come to you as you.

Sounds like a catch 22!

Be you so you can know as you.

How to get to who is the question you ask.

And backwards it is.

Who to get to how is all there is.

Who you are will determine how you do everything.

How is merely an expression of who.

But you drop that from the equation every time.  You forget who you are and then try to answer how.

So you make things up, see if it will fit, and go about howing without whoing first.

And who you are is always there, here and everywhere.

There is no question, no need to seek.

You are always right here.

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