Mar 082011


So it looks like we’ve circled back around again to being and deciding.

Which is creating.

Pretty much.

Life in a nutshell.

And you spend so much of your time doing and waiting.

So what’s it going to be?

When are you going to decide to decide – which puts you back into waiting to do something.

You are such masters at this game.

Always putting something in the way of that which you seek.

Seek no more.

That is not your destiny.

Your time has come to experience yourself as who you are.

And all that takes is a knowing decision and all will fall into place.  You will be on your way.

Stay with doubt and you will remain as you are – and wonder why you get nowhere.

Nothing is out of your reach.

You are far beyond all that you see.

This is but a tiny piece of all that is.

Your excuses serve you no more.

Watch yourself.  Listen to what you say.

Listen to what you think.

And most importantly, and if nothing else, pay attention to what you feel.

This is where you are going and will see more of the same.

Know and clarity will appear.

Doubt and you will flounder.

Fear and you will be frozen in time where you are.

You want the answers – then be yourself so you can see them.

The truth won’t set  you free – because that is who you are.

You came here to know – so know.

Shed tears no more. Until they are in joy.

The time is now.

Be and decide.

All else comes forth from this place of you.

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