Mar 042011


So we’re a bunch of zeroes then.

Yes.  And always have been.

You should be proud to be a nothing for you already are.

Imagine the pressure you remove from yourself in trying to be something, to make something of yourself.

You are trying to make yourself something you are not and in doing so engage in struggle.

There is no need to be something.

Look at what has happened to your world by you trying to make something of yourselves.

You have separated from each other and put yourselves at odds.

You created a world of haves and have nots.

This is so unlike you, the real you.

Do not despair.

This is all easily shifted but it will require what appears to be a great shift on your part.

When it really isn’t.

A return to your true nature will change everything.

You have been struggling for so long to stay apart from each other, to ignore one another in order to keep telling yourself you are alone, there is no one else like you, you are different at a fundamental level somehow.

You and I both know this is not.

Your world may have to crumble around you before you will be willing to give up the game.

This is happening now yet you hold on so tight while trying to rebuild what you think you know.

Let go.  Fall apart.  Go to pieces.

That will actually be the fastest route to getting is together, to getting yourselves together once again.

Be a nothing so you can stop trying to be something, a mere slice of your entire self.

You seek something you shall never acquire as long as you try to section yourself off from you.

You know you are out there – whole unto yourself.

And that is much larger than you think – let yourself go there – all the way there.

Even when it hurts your mind.

That stretching is good for you.

Like the breaking of adhesions and scar tissues lets you flow once again.

Break through into nothing.

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