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All these ins and outs are a bit confusing.

It is you who created such a paradigm.  There is only really all of us.

And none of us.

The all is the none.

What does that mean?  My brain is starting to shut down. 

That is because you are beginning to touch upon something beyond your imagination.

There was once a time when something beyond you and me or us and them was unimaginable.

There was a time when beyond the horizon didn’t exist.

Or there could be something smaller or larger than what you see.

You have evolved.

And so too now you are doing the same.

You are growing beyond what you know to be true into what will be known and change your truth.

You are ever evolving and that you do not stop.

You happen to be here at a time of quickening. 

The concept of we are all one has just become known by enough of you and you are already forging ahead with the next concept of you.

This has never really happened before.

Not within a lifetime.

You think your technology has evolved quickly.  That had to start with you.

Only now the technology you play with is your mind.

With the concept of we are all one you are clinging to the idea of who you are now.  You are staying inside the box.

You are staying within the confines of existence.

Not to mention you typically refer to humans.  Or if you are lucky, what you call everything on your world.

Imagine being the stars and the moon and all that you don’t see.

Imagine that.

You are all that you don’t see.

How is that for non-existent?

What if you were all none?

What if you didn’t exist?

How freeing would that be?

You have barely touched upon the idea of oneness and you have leapt into nothingness.

To say you are one is to place yourself in the construct of more than one to none, or less.

Your math places you in a series or a line.

To be one is to be something.

Remember what a breakthrough you had when you embraced  the idea of none?  Of zero? 

A whole new realm opened up for you.

Less than none became possible.  And you use that all the time.

Look at your banking systems where you have applied this so well.

And now you are at the precipice of doing the same – in moving from the concept of we are all one to we are all none.

Just think of what will open up when you embrace the concept of you are zero, you are none.  Your oneness limits you.

And you will evolve.

Be a nothing and celebrate, for you become far, far ahead of the game.

  2 Responses to “The Confines Of Existence”

  1. “now the technology you play with is your mind.”

    Love it! So very true. But beyond THAT TOY is the non-horizon of not existing and IT is worth whatever the ticket costs to go there! Because after that, upon ‘returning’ HERE (altho there was never actually any ‘leaving’) Delicious LIFE-FORCE beyond imagination, becomes what shows us the way.

    Thanks for starting the conversation…. eager for more!

  2. “Worth whatever the ticket costs” – how true.

    There is so much beyond what we believe we can manage … and yet the pushing through gets us to a point where no managing is needed.



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